Strategy Development

Every company’s agile transformation is different.  Every industry and company has its own unique challenges and opportunities.  Every company as their own specific goals.  In short, one size does not fit all.

Agile Strategy DevelopmentAt eSelect Consulting, transformations begin with engaging leadership, learning the company, and partnering to develop the right transformation strategy for your specific situation.  From there, eSelect works to develop the transformation roadmap and playbook specific to your company.

Our roadmaps and playbooks are based on a multiple lean and agile frameworks, methodologies, case studies and our experience to help ensure your success.

The process begins with a series of discovery workshops.  These workshops help eSelect Consulting learn about your business, challenges and opportunities.  These workshops also help our clients lean about lean and agile, apply the agile mindset to their challenges.  Together, we develop your unique transformation strategy, implementation roadmap and agile playbook.